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Civilist is a part skate store and part streetwear boutique that makes some room for art.

It opened its doors back in 2009 as a gallery and the interior hasn’t changed that much over the years. Exhibitions are still alive, including many musicians, artists, skateboarders, and BMX riders who like to hang out there. U can drop there every time you need to cop a new kick or just hang out w/ ur fellas.

The Spanish designer born in the heart of the Alicante province — a region famous for its footwear production — has been immersed in the shoe & handbag universe since forever. So why has Abraham Ortuño’s brand, ABRA, been around for less than a year, you might ask? ’Cause he’s been lending his talent to the biggest names in fashion, like Jacquemus, Givenchy, Kenzo & so many more. 🍃🍃🍃

The name behind Coperni’s egg sandals just presented his own label, making such a splash in the industry that his designs ended up @ Dover Street Market in the blink of…

It’s good to find those places that we know are true to their roots.

We chatted with Hugh Mackie back @ his garage in the East Village of Manhattan, the Sixth Street Specials. This is a place that has been doing it for a long time: Keeping the biker culture alive.

Meet Stephen Kenn , the designer behind the design studio which gets his own name. Since 2011, this Canadian native artist tests leather goods & shapes them 2 last longer (both designs nd materials).

Pornceptual is not a *basic* sex party where everyone is getting off w/ random ppl — although we all know that might happen.

The project has a very clear socio-political mission: to challenge the mainstream misogyny in the porn industry & to create pornography that is respectful, intimate, and even artistic. It’s also a magazine and a tr00 platform for performances and exhibitions. But it’s right there in a dancefloor in Berlin where all the magic happens. 🕺

The hedonism IRL party begins at the check line: w/ all the latex , there are a LOT of leather garment s…

We feeling LA next to RAVEN ARTSON , — bold vocals, soft tunes, n visually narrative videos: Raven Artson got it all.

The Dutch-bred n LA-based artist loves borrowing ideas from all different genres n just messing it together — in his own words. We met the self-taught singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, n composer in LA, the city he says used to be just a “feeling” for him.

While Berlin has that reputation for being the streetwear capital of Europe , Paris is def catching up with a dope range of streetwear stores.

We’ve been to Paris and we found one of them with the rarest hypebeast pieces and, as you may already know, the stores are a great place to find some of the best collaborations of the moment , especially across leather and suede footwear & designer gear.

Let’s say that it was not by accident that we bumped into STRUCTURE, next to République / Temple Metro Station.

This is not an 80s street style snap it’s just that NIKE DID IT AGAIN. The brand brought back this pair from the 80s , last year, nd dayumm. 🔥

Supreme, Fucking Awesome & Nike: name a more iconic trio , we’ll be waiting.

Ou fashion month MADNESS marathon continues w/ yet another week walking around between-shows, this time in Milano🍝, baby. We hit MILAN FASHION WEEK streets to check all the best fits — and yea, still had lots of 🔋 saved after NYFW and LFW.

We got blessed by a serious number of leather jackets, clashing patterns, a huge animal print game, and head-to-toe leather everywhere.

It was sooo easy to spot the Bottega Veneta fandom: the leather clutch is like the #1 item for show-goers or just random slick ppl passing by. Our A list also features all kinds of FℲ Fendi leather bags FℲ and LOTS of Prada on MFW streets that we all Pradagy.

Settled in Bastille, a district of Paris, this Galerie focuses on design and architecture from the 20th-century. Jean Prouvé, Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Royère, Charlotte Perriand, and Le Corbusier all meet there.

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