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A Chicago kid with a close drive to art & basketball culture resulted in the unique POV that Jeff Cole explores into his work.

Carrying a degree in Illustration and an inside view of the pop culture, the artist has Michael Jordan as his biggest idol — especially in how he pathed the way of sports, design & beyond in the entrepreneurship field.

Since 1994, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba are the minds behind Palomba Serafini Associati, a studio focused on bringing real life to their designs & architecture projects. Roberto is from Sardinia and Ludovica, from Rome, different beginnings that somehow met in the middle to create their innovative and long-lasting pieces with passionate stories behind them.

We met the duo in Milan (where they’re based) and, when asked what connects them both, this is what Roberto had to say:

“I think love is the most important point of connection in whatever you do, it’s the engine. Love for what you do, for…

HYPESTEIN is the place you can pick exclusive sneakers from drops like Nike x Sacai, Yeezy’s Adidas, Nike x Off-white, Air Max, Travis Scott AJ and more.

Bosnian-born Vedad Fisic started his company from zero in 2017, creating the first Swedish online shop focused on selling extra limited sneakers and pretty soon getting his own physical store.

When u think of modern design masters, u think ‘bout one of the pioneers in curating those masterpieces: François Laffanour. His life’s work can be found, for over 25 years now, @ the Laffanour Galerie, Downtown, Paris.

His award-winning projects, like the Madonna leather Chair, have history that add a humanistic flare to everything David does.

So, his close connection w/ long-lasting materials, such as leather, makes 100% sense. Projects like that are timeless — & can be a part of your lounge moments during your whole lifetime, wanna bet?

We visited his home & studio in Stockholm to get a closer look into his ideas n had a Q&A ready. Dive above.

U always like to take a small glimpse at the past. Can u tell us how u first started working w/ furniture design?

For me, it wasn’t an obvious choice to go to design. I started more as an artist with sculptures and paintings — that was pure art. I had my studio and did my paintings for five years before I started at the university, so I took this…

Settled in Bastille, a district of Paris, this Galerie focuses on design and architecture from the 20th-century. Jean Prouvé, Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Royère, Charlotte Perriand, and Le Corbusier all meet there.

Get along w/ different nuances of himself is an easy flow/natural movement for Joel.

The 28-year-old creative star took his firsts steps in fashion as a model. After some shooting, meeting, dancing, n character buildin’ moments, now he is the powerful mind behind Major Zcene Agency — a creative company that gives life to artists’ projects in a sexy disruptive way.

As a young queer, Joel’s work is wisely based on pushin’ his community rights, so strength goes through aesthetics and becomes the secret behind a body confidence message. In that scenario, lxthr takes all the flashes for itself — not only bringin’ 🔥🔥 feelings, but also holdin’ history n makin’ a statement.

Lookin’ for an oasis filled w/ bold cars in NYC? Of course u were — but take a deep breath ’cause u are about to meet CLASSIC CAR CLUB, a PVT club where design experience meets a passion for wheels.

Founded in 2005 in London, CCC made it to New York w/ a little help from Marc Thorpe’s ideas.

U can read all ‘bout brands focusing + on sustainable productions , but how many times u see someone actually doing that from start to finish? Well, meet VOLTA ATELIER.

In collab w/ local NGOs , the atelier shows that dope&beautifullymade leather bags can have a huge positive social impact, from materials to the chosen team (seriously) .

About 10 minutes away from the city center, we found YATVA: the vintage empire of Yetunde.

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