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U can read all ‘bout brands focusing + on sustainable productions , but how many times u see someone actually doing that from start to finish? Well, meet VOLTA ATELIER.

In collab w/ local NGOs , the atelier shows that dope&beautifullymade leather bags can have a huge positive social impact, from materials to the chosen team (seriously) .

About 10 minutes away from the city center, we found YATVA: the vintage empire of Yetunde.

Then u head to ur timeline to know who he, then ur jaw will drop looking at his feed nd his dope fits.

Handmade bags made in Germany . That’s it. Kreuzberg Jérome Berg opened the doors of his cozy apartment in to tell us a little bit about his empowered story.

After workin’ w/ fashion labels, the Berlin-based designer decided to create his own studio. The inspo? Contemporary art combined w/ a little youth culture & classic high-end workmanship . Everything starts w/ a sketch. And then it is thrown away so Jérome can rethink it. And then he does it again — till he’s happy about it.

Seeing bags as classic pieces , Jérome embraces the materials as highlightin’ points during creative processes. In a wrld full of plastic, he proves lxthr is obvs a great choice — and the most sustainable 1.

Working with the right materials is telling the story you wanna tell.

TSS pro tips for homemade sneaker customization

In The Shoe Surgeon’s world, leather is the first step when creating fresh sneakers.

Many creatives start any design by sketching the final piece, but Dominic Ciambrone, founder of TSS, believes in the power that materials have when setting what the piece will represent. The concept comes from within the search for the perfect color, texture & print of leather and that turns it into a sneaker unlike any other.

So open up your notes app, get your leather scrap mystery box ready, and hit play for the 4 pro tips to start scoring with your own customized sneakers.


Sagmeister’s new creations are coming to leave a mark.

Stefan Sagmeister opens up about his new project

Lasting thru time is an ability that few design projects master.

Stefan Sagmeister started his design career at the age of 15, working his way into attention-grabbing projects with profound ideas and yet simple messages. This includes impeccable album covers that continue to mark the history of some of the world’s most celebrated artists, such as Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Jay Z, OK Go, Aerosmith, and Pat Metheny.

Born in Austria but based in NYC, the graphic designer, typographer & co-founder of Jessica Walsh) believes in the power of time and how things that last for centuries…

Growing up in one of the poorer cities of the United States, SHERON BARBER witnessed poverty first hand ― little did he know that his unique perspective on versatility and durability would eventually fuel a streetwear design practice that now has celebs like Usher hitting him up for custom pieces.

If you know the brand DR14, you know their unique upscale streetwear collection characterized by eye-catching asymmetrical shapes, unmatched everyday accessories, and high-quality materials like leather designed down to the detail. You may not be as familiar with the man behind the vision, tho.

Today the designer constantly drops instantly…

From designing her first pair of kicks at age 7 to becoming Usher’s social media manager by age 20, BEIJA MARIE VELEZ is a non-stop creative who refuses to not explore every single one of her interests to the fullest ― whether that be designing for powerhouses like Adidas, modelling for brands like Nike, or dunking on any basketball challenger.

Her notoriety in the street culture scene has basically been a nonstop skyrocket since she was singled out for a lifechanging creative consultant role while working retail at a streetwear boutique in Atlanta. …

We sat down with the Italian designer Luca Nichetto to learn more about his creations and the thoughts behind the unique pieces and designs created by NICHETTO STUDIO.

A conversation about culture, language, and creative sensitivities within the design universe resulted in a deep reflection on the industry, sustainability, materials, references, and influences.

Civilist is a part skate store and part streetwear boutique that makes some room for art.

It opened its doors back in 2009 as a gallery and the interior hasn’t changed that much over the years. Exhibitions are still alive, including many musicians, artists, skateboarders, and BMX riders who like to hang out there. U can drop there every time you need to cop a new kick or just hang out w/ ur fellas.

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