MELISSA | Julie Deane + Melissa: Fashion and design keep life colorful


The cheery-voiced Brit is also the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company, the iconic brand of leather bags — and Melissa’s newest collab.

we wholeheartedly agree.

So working with fashion keeps your life colorful?

That’s a very sustainable way of seeing your business. Is that a preoccupation that you have? Being sustainable?

The Cambridge Satchel was created very hands on. Its purpose was to make money for the education of your children, you designed your logo on the living room table. How much this background marked the history of CSC?

Melissa is a brand that was born in the in a small town in Brazil. Although we sell them worldwide, they are still made in Brazil. We see some similarities in both stories…

By the way, our concept stores are “neighbors” in Covent Garden…

In our collab, it was the first time that a Satchel was made in a material that was not leather?

And how was the process to adapt a Satchel for a new material — plastic?

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