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METCHA | Carlos Chico x TRIED AND TRUE x Back in the Days

TRIED AND TRUE is like a time travel store that brings u to the place and time where fly was a priority and everything fresh mattered. 👅 90s finds w/ L.A. vibz.

Flicks that marked the true essence of the decade AND the city now thru them dope curatorship. You can find Jordan 1s, the Knicks Starter pullover, and leather bomber jackets. Sneakerheads, hip-hop heads, skaters, sports fans, and collectors will feast their dirty eyes there.

We had a blast from this archive, and even got the chance to take some minutes of his time to talk about everything that surrounds Tried and True. Here are the results.

Everything here is authentic to what we grew up loving while representing a collective.. From music, to some of our favorite artists like Keith haring, and athletes, such as Michael Jordan, can be found displayed on the walls of Tried and True.

80s and 90s Curated vintage inspired by what inspires us.

Yes indeed, personally as I grew up a lot of my style came from the music I was listening to.

Being around the culture almost comes naturally to us as to curating items for the shop.

The jackets we had on display at our event are all cast and crew film jackets from the filming of the movies from crew members and two of them come directly from the actors in the films themselves.

The installation was very much like Spike Lee, John Singleton, Hughes brothers etc. inspired. Although we always loved to see how much Spike Lee branded himself in the 90s. From pins and jackets to hats, he always knew how to incorporate fashion with his movies and clothing brand.

Definitely finding that line between want and need can be tough. We have been collecting for a few years now, so we more or less know what we should sell and keep because we may not see it again.

As far as fashion goes, our favorite movie to reference clothing styles from would probably be paid in full, seeing everybody in Sergio Tacchini polos and windbreakers as well as all the crazy custom dapper dan jackets. We also love to date back to movies like a menace to society to see a lot of the main characters wearing brands such as cross colors.

Fairfax and Melrose is the birthplace for a lot of streetwear culture and brands such as conart, as well as being the modern day mecca for streetwear fashion. It feels only right that we have a vintage store in the heart of it all.

The locals are great of course, although most of our customers are from out of town traveling or international which is always ’cause for a great conversation.

When in L.A., u know where to go.

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