Then u head to ur timeline to know who he, then ur jaw will drop looking at his feed nd his dope fits.

So we decided to spend some time w/ him at two gems in Paris : the amaz Palais de Tokyo (no PFW shows were hurt on this shooting) and the colorful renewed Pigalle BasketBall court .

And after some coffees and some lit gear inspos, here’s the result. 👇

Honestly, the coolest thing about this week is the fashion shows, I’ve been to several of them. The most beautiful show I saw was Undercover, a Japanese brand. — It was crazy.

I went to others as well, but there’s also the fact of seeing all these really stylish people on the streets, people think it’s like Carnival but it’s not! . It’s something I love to experience. Seeing different looks, different people, people from all over the world that come for the fashion week. I was able to make a lot of connections with people and it was a pleasure. I think this was the most awesome fashion week I participated in.

It’s my third fashion week, I’ve been going since last year. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, ever since I was a little boy. I always loved that. But last year a friend of mine took me to the shows. I’m quite discreet, shy, but he told me it would be cool to call attention to my personal style and I saw that he was right, and thanks to that I could make lots of contacts.

Yes, always in Paris, but I have plans to start traveling next year, everywhere in the world. Going to other fashion weeks. I would love to go to New York, London, Milan, even to Brazil, to São Paulo, why not? It would be a dream for me to do that.

Honestly, it depends. For me, in general, I try to match the color scheme of the outfit, you don’t really need to be wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton, or something really expensive. It’s a plus to get some attention but it’s not the main thing.

I’m not complicated, I can wear vintage trousers & leather jackets from a second-hand shop, also I love accessories. I believe that accessories can really help emphasize your style. My favorite piece right now is the latest Off-White leather bag that I bought, I love it. It’s my favorite brand. I like Fear of God and Heron Preston, brands like Prada as well. Usually, I wear that, but I match with more basic brands like Asos and Zara and clothes from vintage shops.

I don’t really think about that when I wear leather, but I love when it’s a little damaged, that’s what gives a bit of a charm to the leather. You know what I mean? People usually are very careful with leather, polish their pieces, and me… When it comes to leather I like it better when it looks a bit old, used & has a history.

I don’t have a specific brand, usually when I buy leather is in second-hand shops, leather from other times in a vintage style, like aviator jackets.

I was always passionate about fashion. I’m from Senegal, my country in Africa, and when I lived there I already had an Instagram account with 5k followers, not a bad number. But I was when I came to France, almost two years ago, that I started posting photos that would show my style. Here I met some people a little by chance and from there on I started developing this work, getting more and more followers from all over the world. Also, thanks to the repost from important pages that help me to share my pictures.

I love the work of Virgil Abloh, I love his design. I think he revolutionized fashion in the last years. Me, before Off-white I had never seen products so beautiful and well done. I like them as well ’cause he adds his personal touch, we can see in the details.

I have amazing friends who I love and inspire me, like @warrenla7 he’s also an influencer, we work for the same agency. There are other people like my friend @boon.vivant_.

Def in vintage shops all over Paris.

When I listen to music its always music from home, from Africa, not only from Senegal but also from Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. It reminds me of my country and brings up good memories. I rarely listen to French or even American music.

See u next FW, Shannon. 🖖

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