METCHA | the Eindhoven vintage kween from YATVA

About 10 minutes away from the city center, we found YATVA: the vintage empire of Yetunde.

U can find pieces that can be older than urself — everything is *at least* 20 yo. Not a chance to see everyone wearing the same l thr jacket that u cop straight from the Yetunde’s London curatorship.

As amaz as the shop is, it’s only a slice of YATVA biz. A salon, a café, n even a hotel running at fuel gas at the very same place, share the very same energy. All u see from the shop to the cafe to the living room to the couch Yetunde designed herself, it’s carefully chosen to add sum history to the whole lewk.

Now u know a bit about her, let’s go to our Q&A w/ the kween.

Let’s start from the very beginning: is YATVA like a second-hand shop?

No, we are vintage. A second-hand shop is usually anything aged n anything is second hand, but we *specialize* only in clothes 20 yo.

We see that u have a big collection of cowboy boots, leather jackets, n leather pants. How do u find amaz stuff like this?

Everything comes from London. We bring everything. We sort it there and then bring it here.

Ppl over here in Eindhoven seem crazy for all of ur vintage finds. Was it always like that?

Well, it’s taking a while. For the first three to five years, it was just getting them ready. And get them used to vintage as well as used to sustainable fashion. We are trying to separate the hipsters from the actual ppl who are interested in sustainable fashion. Using vintage to identify ur own style, not necessarily following trends. So it’s taking us some time to find our clientele.

When we see all these amazing pieces u got here at YATVA is kinda weird to think that ppl r still making more n more stuff everyday, right?

Yeah, but we continue to do this. I’m happy that ppl love vintage. I think they can’t forget the premise behind it, which is trying to reuse, trying to remake. We also customize, so if u don’t like something, even if it is new, we can also customize it for u. So u tend to separate yourself from the rest.

2019 has been quite a year for us all to wake up n talk about climate change n *especially* about what we can do to help. Do u see more ppl choosing vintage lately?

It’s growing more n more. Ppl that usually won’t be my customers are my customers now.

And what’s so d0pe about vintage that young ppl need to understand RIGHT NOW?

I think what people really miss from vintage is that they don’t really understand the difference, and they need to start knowing how to compare. If u buy an H&M, if u buy Prima; after five, six, seven or eight times, you tend to lose some of the quality if u try to compare to vintage. This has been around for 20, 30 years n it’s invariable: it doesn’t matter what clothes or accessories will be trending, not even the fashion trends at the time. It will always give us an identifying look.

U tend to not see the same vintage twice, so u are forced to recreate ur own, as opposed to mass production. I think that’s what we r really trying to get ppl to understand, that the basis is: this lasts a long, long time n hopefully u can keep using, keep remaking, instead of just making all the time.

YATVA is a *def* YAS KWEEN.

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