METCHA | TSS pro tips for homemade sneaker customization

Working with the right materials is telling the story you wanna tell.

TSS pro tips for homemade sneaker customization

In The Shoe Surgeon’s world, leather is the first step when creating fresh sneakers.

Many creatives start any design by sketching the final piece, but Dominic Ciambrone, founder of TSS, believes in the power that materials have when setting what the piece will represent. The concept comes from within the search for the perfect color, texture & print of leather and that turns it into a sneaker unlike any other.

So open up your notes app, get your leather scrap mystery box ready, and hit play for the 4 pro tips to start scoring with your own customized sneakers.

Dominic’s affection for the possibilities leather offers began when he was 18 and since then he believes “it’s very beautiful to incorporate this imperfection of the animal into a perfect product”.

But working with such an exemplary material can scare who has never cut & nested their own piece of leather. That’s why we asked Dominic to open the game when it comes to his pro tips for working with the material. Starting with the #1 thing: embracing the imperfections.

That’s what we call a master class 👨‍🎨.

For more lessons on the core of customizing, upcycling & building designs with premium materials, head to our complete guide about The Shoe Surgeon School classes.

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